So It’s been a while since I did a first impressions/review, so here Is a recent buy and review I’ve got for your guys today!

I went exploring the Toronto Islands the other day (hint hint post coming soon) and we went into the Forever21 In Downtown Toronto at Dundas Square. Now for me I’m usually the type of person to never find anything I like there besides maybe a few accessories which, even then, will take me forever to decide on. I’ve heard a lot of things about Forever21 coming out with their own makeup line, though at first I thought it was ridiculous, but nonetheless, the prices reeled me in. I for one am a lipstick junkie. So when I saw their Matte Lipstick I thought why not give it a try?

I ended up getting one of their more pigmented and darker shades, mind you they have about 6 different colours to choose from, so you are bound to find your favourite one. The one I personally wanted to try and the first one I picked up was  “Brick”.  Now I’m all about the dark shades for any type of season, so this colour really hit the spot. This shade is great for any skin tone!


So here it is, the (actual) review.


  • Gorgeous colour
  • Glides on smooth
  • Fits any skin tone
  • Stain worthy
  • Great packaging
  • Great price
  • Great pigment


  • More of a stain than a lipstick
  • The Matte only shows fully after you put it on and dab it with a tissue
  • Transfers onto objects/things/ other lips ( 😉 ) fairly easily
  • Good on lips for a few hours

Now with all that said, it is a great bargain deal for those starter beauty guru’s in the making or any girl that just wants a start up lipstick. I would definitely recommend this as a great night out or day out look. Pair it with some gorgeous whites or go all dark with this. It retails at about $4.80 (CAN) and $3.80 (US). Can be found at Forever21 online or in store. Hope you liked the review! Swatches down below!


keep it real. xo












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