CIY | P R A D A M A R F A | xoxo

Its the holiday season which means its also the break your wallet season. I know its hard to sometimes find the perfect gift for your loved ones, so why not save some money and make something meaningful with your creative side. This piece that I did here for CIY Week (Create it Yourself) is an inspiration piece by the creative DIY guru Anne Lee, known on Youtube as anneorshine. The step by step is available on her website here. But here is my rendition of the Gossip Girl Prada Marfa Wall Art.


Step 1: Print out the templates according to the size of your canvas and how big you want it to be.


Step 2: Take some painters tape and carefully line up where you want the letters to sit, and tape away. Using scissors, cut out the letters and arrange them according to the board’s measurements.


Step 3: Once all the letters are in posistion, outline them carefully with a pen/pencil.





Step 4: Carefully paint in all the letters with some black paint (or whichever colour your like). Wait for everything to dry for at least 24 hours before peeling off the tape.

Step 5: Set it up where ever your like and admire your master piece!








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